Courageous Conversations

The Planting of Satan (Part 3)

October 23, 2023 Steve Berger Season 1 Episode 68
Courageous Conversations
The Planting of Satan (Part 3)
Show Notes

In Part 3 of this episode, Pastor Steve Berger delves deeper into the cunning strategies Satan employs within churches to weaken the followers of Jesus. Drawing from the Book of Jude, he discusses the unsettling characteristics of "tares," individuals who habitually sin and often go unnoticed in the congregation. These seductive, self-deluded individuals believe in their own authority and importance, resembling clouds without rain and fruitless trees. Pastor Steve emphasizes the need to recognize and address these toxic influences that cause division and trouble within the Church, urging us to wake up and stay vigilant. Don't miss this critical lesson on spiritual discernment!

Key Scriptures

Jude 3-19

Proverbs 6:19-21

Romans 13:11

1 Thessalonians 5:6

1 Peter 5:8

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Pastor, author and speaker Steve Berger is known for his straight talk in dealing with various hot-topic cultural issues that many pastors avoid. In 2021, he founded Ambassador Services International with his wife, Sarah. He serves on the Executive and Pastoral Advisory Boards for Promise Keepers International, and the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Board. Whether preaching or writing, in great joy or pain, Steve longs to be a proclaimer of the grace and hope that Jesus came to offer. Since June of 1987, he has been married to Sarah, the love of his life, and together, they have four beautiful children and four grandchildren.

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